Corporate Event Planning - Consider the Benefits of an Offsite Venue

A change of scenery can often have a positive impact on the event participants as well as the event itself. Utilizing corporate event planning at an offsite venue offers benefits that will set your event apart and make it more productive.

Boost Morale

No matter what the reason for your event, a business meeting or organizational conference, a location that’s different from the everyday norm can go a long way in rejuvenating and energizing your group. A scenic destination, even if it's close to home will make your event feel special, almost like a mini vacation.

This is especially true if there are a few fun, non-work related activities incorporated into the meeting or conference day. A catered lunch, group dinner reservations, a visit to a local attraction or an after-meeting stroll around town gives participants something to look forward to. It also provides them with an opportunity to talk about things other than business.

Cultivate Creativity

Remaining onsite leaves your event open to everyday distractions. Repeatedly meeting in the same conference rooms can also promote familiarity and complacency. People tend to sit in the same seat or form the same groups.

Having your meeting or event at an offsite venue encourages participants to break out of their normal routines and removes everyday distractions, allowing them to focus on the purpose of the event. Offsite venues also enable them to break out of their office personality and relate to one another in different ways, resulting in creative and productive ideas.

Team Building

Offsite corporate event planning is perfect for larger meetings that bring together participants from different departments or locations. Onsite meeting venues are often too small, making them uncomfortable, cramped and less productive. Offsite venues can comfortably accommodate larger groups and provide participants who typically don’t see each other a chance to meet or reconnect.

Today's technology allows us to communicate quickly and efficiently via email and video conferencing. But there's no substitute for meeting face to face when getting to know each other. Sitting in the same room together, you're able to pick up on non-verbal cues such as hand gestures or facial expressions that can be easily be misinterpreted or overlooked during a phone or during video chat. Bringing your group together give them a chance to bond, form friendships, and ultimately have the desire to work as a cohesive team.

Considering Corporate Event Planning?

If you’ve decided that an offsite corporate event would benefit your business or organization, the Grand Hotel of Cape May is the perfect destination. We offer over 17,000 square feet of versatile spaces perfect for any corporate events featuring an abundance of natural light and panoramic views of the ocean and Victorian Cape May.

Our Wicker Room or Twitty’s Porch can accommodate smaller groups up to 75 people. There are a variety of rooms for larger groups including our Penthouse Ballroom with can accommodate up to 425 people. We offer meeting packages year round which include deluxe lodging accommodations, a variety of breakfast & lunch selections, AM & PM coffee breaks, complimentary WiFi and unlimited local & long distance calls in addition to event space and basic audio visual needs.

There is also a variety of other multimedia equipment available for rental on the premises. And for those in charge of organizing the event, we can make the process a breeze, allowing you to fully participate and enjoy your event.

If you’re planning a midday break in your agenda, there are many nearby attractions to enjoy. Or when the meetings are over for the day, wind down with a cocktail and delicious meal at our onsite award winning restaurant, Hemingway’s. Then settle into one of our beautiful and comfortable guest rooms for a good night's sleep. You’ll wake up well rested and ready for another day of productive meetings.

Ready to take your next corporate event offsite? For rates, reservations and more information, contact us today!