Beach Vacations are the Best - Especially in Cape May NJ!

What's not to love about beach vacations? Long relaxing days filled with sun and the salt air. But which beach destination to choose? When people are considering a vacation at the beach, tropical destinations are typically the first to come to mind. However, there are beautiful beaches right here in the US, especially at the Jersey shore. Tucked away at the southernmost tip of New Jersey lies Cape May, an amazing beach resort. It shares many of the benefits offered by tropical beaches and boasts a few unique features of its own.  

Relax and Renew

Beach vacations are great for clearing your mind and renewing your spirit. Laying on the beach, you’ll be soothed by the sound of the waves and the ocean breeze. Before you know it, the stress of the everyday responsibilities just slips away. At the end your first day on the beach, you’ll probably find that as soon as your head hits the pillow, you fall into a deep and restful sleep. No doubt, you’ll wake up in the morning completely refreshed.

Fresh Air and Sunshine

Whether we’re at the office or at home, most of us spend way too much time indoors. Many of those who work often don’t even make it out of the office for lunch. At home, there is always some indoor task that seems to take priority over getting outside. This translates into a great deal of time spent indoors under artificial light. Beach vacations offer fresh air and sunshine, which will nourish both your body and your spirit.

Salt Water and Sand  

Remember when your mother told you the ocean would heal that skinned knee you got from a childhood adventure? That may have been partially true. Swimming in the ocean opens your pores while the sea salt naturally seals any damaged skin. Some also believe that ocean water can better hydrate the skin than tap water. As an extra beach bonus, every step in the sand will naturally exfoliate your feet.

Never Get Bored

With all of this natural rejuvenation, you will feel energized and be looking for things to do. Every beach resort has its own events and activities. Cape May is no different and has plenty to keep everyone entertained. Of course, there’s always the beach or if you want to change it up a bit, you might spend a day by the hotel pool, soaking up the sun and meeting new friends. Cape May also has a bunch of unique shops and boutiques, including those along the Washington Street Mall, that are sure to peak the interest of even the most discriminating shopper. If shopping is not your thing, you might want to take in a play at the local theater, Cape May Stage, or just stroll around town and enjoy the Cape May’s Victorian charm. There is also a wide variety of events to attend throughout the summer season.

Enjoy the Local Fare

One of the highlights of any vacation is the food, and after a full day of fresh air and sunshine, you’re sure to be hungry. On beach vacations, fresh local seafood is always a popular choice. The Grand Hotel of Cape May is home to Hemingway's, known not only for its succulent seafood dishes but for their prime steaks as well. Love clam chowder? Hemingway's' New England clam chowder was named "Best of Cape May 2016”.

Beach Vacations - Where You Stay Matters

On a beach vacation, or any vacation for that matter, where you stay is important. The Grand Hotel offers oceanfront accommodations just steps away from the beach. We have guest rooms to suit anyone’s taste, including oceanfront suites as well as 2-story townhouse suites. Our amenities will ensure that your stay with us is not only enjoyable but memorable. So forget the Caribbean and treat yourself to the very best of beach vacations! Come vacation with us in Cape May. Make your reservations today!