Need a Break? Consider a Girls Weekend Getaway

While a girls weekend getaway may be a more common occurrence when we are young adults and single, women of all ages look forward quality time with good friends. If you haven’t experienced a girls weekend, it might be time to consider one. There’s no doubt they’re a lot of fun, but the benefits go way beyond that.


Getting together with the girls for coffee or a glass of wine at home is good, but all too soon you’re back to the demands of daily life, work, cooking, cleaning, keeping up with the kids and all the other everyday responsibilities of life. Single, married, mother or grandmother, every woman needs a break once in awhile. A weekend away from daily responsibilities can provide a mental and physical break you might not have even realized you needed.


How often have you had to postpone that cup of coffee or glass of wine with the girls? Life can get crazy and it can be easy to end up feeling like you’ve lost touch. Even though great friends can go for long periods apart and then pick up like you haven’t missed a day, a girls weekend getaway is the perfect opportunity to catch up and reconnect.

Gossip and Girl Talk

There are things you just don’t talk about with your husband or significant other. You want to talk about stuff they’re not interested in or let’s be honest, sometimes you want to talk about them. A girls weekend getaway will give you plenty of time to chat it up with your besties. Discuss relationship issues, share secrets, dish celebrity gossip, swap fashion and makeup tips and more. There are no topics that are off limits, especially after a couple of cocktails by the pool or at the bar.

Leave Routine Behind

A weekend away is about escaping the everyday routine. Even when you are determined to have some down time and relax, a weekend at home typically ends up filled with household chores, countless errands along with a variety of other responsibilities and distractions. By removing yourself from your everyday environment, you can leave all that behind and relax. You and the girls can focus on enjoying each other’s company.

Be Silly - Have Fun

Most of all, a weekend with the girls is about having fun! Cut loose a little! Shop til you drop at the Washington Street Mall and treat yourself to a gorgeous outfit or a beautiful piece of jewelry. Have mimosas with breakfast, go dancing, stay in and have a pajama party. Whatever you and the gang end up doing, don’t be afraid to get a little silly and laugh a lot!

Return Rejuvenated

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. While a girls weekend getaway will fly by and seem way too short, you will return home relaxed and refreshed. You will probably find yourself experiencing less stress and frustration when dealing with the day to day, allowing you to appreciate and enjoy those you love and share your life with. The other great thing about a girls weekend is in those few short days you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.

Try a Girls Weekend Getaway at the Grand Hotel

Girls weekends at the Grand Hotel are something you’ll look forward to all year long or maybe you'll want to squeeze them into your busy schedule more often. Whether you take part one of our weekends or plan one of your own, the Grand is the perfect place to getaway with the girls any time of the year.

Our next girls weekend getaway will be here before you know it! Grand Girls Gone Wild, the first weekend in November! Check out our luxurious newly renovated rooms and many amenities including our award winning restaurant, Hemingway’s.  For more information and to book your next girls weekend, give us a call. We can’t wait to see you!