Holiday Vacation Packages - Why Not Vacation During the Holidays?

Spending time away during the holiday season may seem a bit untraditional. However, you may discover the benefits of a holiday vacation are worth that pang of guilt you might feel about skipping one of this year’s family gatherings. Or if the guilt is just too much, invite the whole family along and make the holiday extra special. Holiday vacation packages can make getting away for the holidays even more tempting.

Room to Breathe

Holidays with family can be a lot of fun, but they can sometimes get a little crowded. Whether you hosted the holidays at your house or you were the relatives doing the traveling, memories of holidays past may have you feeling a bit claustrophobic.

Those in charge of cooking are usually tripping over each other in the kitchen. Once the holiday dinner is served, everyone finds themselves elbowing each other at a dining room table that seems to get smaller and smaller every year. It’s inevitable. As the years go by, families grow and the holiday gatherings get bigger and bigger.

Spending the holidays on vacation with just your significant other, your spouse or with your children can be equally enjoyable. With plenty of room for everyone, it will probably be much more relaxing.

Escape the Heat

Family holiday traditions often involve food like Grandma's stuffing, Mom’s biscuits, and your very own pumpkin pie. No doubt these delicacies are something to look forward to every year but wouldn’t it be nice to skip all that preparation and escape the heat of the kitchen this year? Maybe have someone else prepare holiday dinner while you sit back and relax with a cocktail and wait to be served? Holiday vacation packages often include dining, allowing you to enjoy your meal without worrying about the dishes or how to fit all the leftovers in the fridge.

Leave the Empty Nest Behind

Maybe you’re not the relatives skipping out on the holiday celebration. Couples with grown children sometimes find themselves alone on the holidays. Work or school obligations don’t allow for enough time to travel home for the holidays. Don’t spend the holiday rattling around the house, reliving past holidays. This is the perfect time to go out and start some a new holiday tradition. How about a holiday couples getaway - just the two of you? When was the last time that happened?  You can spend time visiting with the family at a less hectic time of year.

Recharge Before the Holidays

If you just can’t bring yourself to forego the family holiday gathering, how about a weekend getaway just before the holidays. Relax, unwind and arrive back home rejuvenated, ready to embrace all the commotion of the annual family holidays. If your family gathers for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, you might want to schedule that getaway in between the two, allowing you to refuel before round 2 of the holiday festivities.

Holiday Vacation Packages

The Grand Hotel of Cape May is the perfect place to vacation during the holidays. It may be too chilly for the beach but you can enjoy a dip our heated pool year round and there is always something happening in Cape May.

Forget stuffing the turkey this year and book your reservation for our Thanksgiving “Ocean Holiday” today! Whether its a couples getaway or a family vacation, it’s a great opportunity to spend quality time together for the holiday.  We are also offering seven “Grand Rhapsody Weekend” getaways from October 13th until December 22nd, 2017. One of these weekends would give you a much needed break during the holiday season. Who says you shouldn’t take a vacation during the holidays? Make your reservations today and give yourself something new to look forward to during the holidays!